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Church History


In 1993 a flood covered the town of Marthasville and surrounding bottom land, cutting members off from churches south of the Missouri River. During this time a group of believers met in homes in the area to pray for God to begin a new church in the Marthasville area. Volunteers from several Southern Baptist churches worked in the flood relief efforts in southern Warren County. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief units cooperated with other disaster relief agencies, county officials, local businesses and churches to provide assistance to flood survivors in the area.

During the “mudding out” process of 1994, a group of Christians from local churches, along with other believers in the community, formed an “Experiencing God” bible study group. It was during this bible study that they felt God was leading them to build a church that would minister to the community of Marthasville.

The present church building was constructed in 2003 and is now debt free since the beginning of 2014.