CONNECTIONS is a great time for anyone wishing to learn about Charrette Church.  This is open to non-members (curious), those interested in membership, and for current members seeking to refresh their knowledge about Charrette.  This is a valuable time where you can make CONNECTIONS with Charrette Church by getting to know us through


This process takes place on a previously scheduled Sunday following our morning services.  Lunch and childcare (prior notification is helpful) are provided.  During this one-time session, you will be presented with important details about Charrette with an opportunity to engage in discussions about what you learn.  As you hear about Charrette, you will also have an opportunity to share your faith story with other attendees.  It is amazing to hear how God works differently in the lives of people to draw them to Himself.    Hopefully this will be a valuable time for you to understand the church and your place in it.  We hope this is also a valuable time for us to get to know you better as fellow believers in Christ.

NOTE: We ask participants to plan on committing 3-4 hours for this one-time session.

What CONNECTIONS is not!

1) A collection of lectures – we want to hear from you! We want to know where you are in your relationship with God. Do you understand the gospel? Do you know what the Bible is all about? Please, please, please, speak up, ask questions, and don’t be shy.

2) An advanced bible class – we are going to be covering just the basics, lightly skimming over subjects just to give you a broad picture of what Christianity is all about. After this class, you’re going to want to find a good bible study or Sunday School class to learn more.

3) A hoop to jump through – don’t look at this class as just a means to an end. During this class you are going to be learning new things, meeting new people, and letting us as a church know who you are. Use this class to the best of your ability.

4) A test – though we want to get to know you and see where you are in your faith, don’t feel like you’re being tested. We want to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord—so if we recommend that you wait to be baptized don’t take that as a failure, but as our way of trying to best care for you at this time in your life.



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