PASTOR’S POSTING: Can you see it?

We are just two weeks into June and my excitement level is climbing.  We are coming out of this COVID season with a bang!  Here is what I am seeing (and I hope you’re seeing it, too).


We are starting to see new and familiar faces at our services.  More and more of our members are coming back to join in-person worship.  To see these faces without masks is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.  These masks have hidden so much this past year and it is a joy to see the smiles and emotions that these faces reflect.  We are seeing new faces, too, as young couples and guests are feeling comfortable with being in larger settings.  And the church as been a rock star in making these new faces welcome.  Matter of fact, one guest commented that they’ve meet more people in the two weeks at Charrette that in two years at their former (larger) church.  That’s the uniqueness of a small church, but it also shows the warmth that our church is displaying.  That right there is exciting!


  • We have a church-wide July 4th celebration coming up (July 4 @ 7 PM).  There will be lots of food, games (for all ages), fireworks, and several first responders (with their trucks and lights).  There are some needs in the areas of food and game station supervision.  A sign-up can be found in the foyer.  [details]
  • Charrette will host a Cybersecurity & Privacy seminary on July 20th (6:30 pm).  Our very own Peter Harman will be leading a discussion on topics related to identifying and avoiding hackers as well as tools to help increase ones digital privacy.   It’s FREE and open to the public. [details]
  • VBS will conduct a one-day event on August 14th (9am – Noon) at the Marthasville City Park.  Ms Jenny is putting the final touches on the schedule and will hold a training session right after church on June 27th.  Following the VBS event, we will have a block party using the Franklin Baptist Association’s party trailer.  We will be joined by the Warren County Food Pantry and the Marthasville Community Ambulance District in handing out food, school supplies, and cleaning supplies to the public. [details]


  • I am hearing more and more stories of members connecting with new people and reconnecting with former members and inviting them back/to Charrette.  With the emphasis we are putting on being true followers of Christ and outreach, I’m excited to hear these stories.  I hope to hear more in the coming weeks.
  • We are utilizing Bless Every Home as a tool in reaching out communities for Christ.  We have a growing number of members who have signed up to be a “light”.  You can sign up to be a “light” and start praying for those around you.  You can visit a previous post I made talking more about BEH.
  • Who’s Your One?  It’s a question that I have asked over the last several weeks.  While is may seem overwhelming to think of reaching all of the people in our community for Christ, it all starts with ONE.  Just one.  I am encouraging our church people to identify ONE person in their life that they can pray for and seek to share the gospel of Christ with.  I will be starting a sermon series on June 27th with this emphasis in mind.  As part of this series and emphasis, I will be providing an evangelism training opportunities.  You’ll see those details very soon.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?  Charrette is active.  We are dusting off the proverbial “cob webs” and stretching our legs, arms, and hearts.  We’re making intentional plans to impact our community for Christ.  Can you see it?  I sure can.  I hope you can, too.

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