We’re already into May, so before we move on too far let me say, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Each of us have been blessed by someone that has taken the time to be a “mother” to us.  Most of our mothers are biological, but there are others that have taken that role through adoptions, as a foster parent, through tragedy, as a mentor, or as a friend.  These women have provide love, affection, direction, wisdom, support, and so much more.  As time passes, we all can look back and see their hand in the special moments of our lives.

Many are grateful that these women are still with us – a short drive or a phone call away.  We can still lean on them and enjoy their precious gift of life.  Some have only memories because that sweet mother has passed away.  Sadness overtakes as we recall each precious memory.  I would be confident that she would be blessed to know that you would be passing on those same qualities to others as she passed on to you.

One of the greatest things I have experienced with the mothers in my life (my mom, mother-in-law, and wife to name a few) is this – they each knew how to love and you knew you had been loved on.  Though they may never have said they loved me every single time, they always expressed their love in what they did.  Those expressions ranged from their greetings, their conversations, and the food (oh, boy – the food!).  But the biggest expression of their love was their relationship with Jesus.  They loved Him!  And as a result of their love for Him, the love I experienced was an overflow from that.  And as it has been said before, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”

This Mother’s Day, do your best to show you love to your “mother.”  Let them know just how much you appreciate their love for you and their love for Jesus.



Here are a few dates to put on your calendar as we approach the summer time.  You should see more details coming out for the events that are a little further away.  Check the church Facebook page some of these events.  “LIKE” them, invite others, and share them so your friends will see what’s going on at Charrette.

MAY 29 – Bradford’s Concert @ Charrette (6:30 pm)
MAY 30 – Graduate Recognition during the morning worship
JUNE 12 – Hosting Disaster Relief Teams for Breakfast
JULY 4 – Independence Day celebration with food & fireworks
AUGUST 14 – VBS/Back-to-School event at Marthasville City Park